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Welcome to Nimbi.NL:

Nimbi.NL was started in 2010 with the aim of providing top notch computing and networking infrastructure to anyone, be it individuals or companies, that requires a solid platform on which their Latest & Greatest Idea™ should run.

Foremost in our approach is the ability to dynamically scale your resources so that you’ll never be a victim of your own success, nevertheless you will only ever pay for those resources you actually use.

Founded from 18 years of key experience in Software Development, IT Systems Management and general common sense, we understand your requirements and are used to dealing with or within fast-paced multi-national environments.

We deliver on a project basis, we will make an infrastructure design that will match the requirements of your idea or product and once functional we will monitor and support it for you. Projects are entered preferably on a partnership basis, possibly on the basis of equity.

Please use the Contact Page if you would like to request more information.